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MusicPad Pro - Replacement Hardware Range      

Our range of integrated touch screen digital music stands uses the incredible new Power Music 4 Software which can easily import and display a wide range of formats. Power Music 4 is now the most technically advanced and versatile electronic sheet music display system available.

The MusicPad Pro changed the way musicians look at music for ever. Now the new range of digital sheet music systems from SightRead will offer bigger, better and faster alternatives incorporating the newest technology with the features which made the MusicPad so successful.

Pages can be "turned" silently by touching the screen or using an optional foot pedal. 

Simply Click on the image or the Buttons at the Left hand Side for full technical specifications on the new range all available now from SightRead Ltd.


MusicOne Digital Music Stand

Music One has a 15 inch widescreen and is our most cost-effective solution

MusicOne CV

MusicOneCV Digital Music Stand

MusicOne CV is the 24 inch large screen version suitable for conductors, musical directors or any musicians needing to display multiple parts or musicians with visual impairments

Scores can be marked up electronically with personal annotation. No more lost notes, rubbing-out or torn and tattered music sheets.

The included software allows you to import from composition software, (Sibelius, Finale etc),  graphic files, pdf, or scanned scores.

Now we are able to offer the bigger displays which musicians have been asking for.

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