SightPad 20 - The Natural MusicPad Pro Replacement  

SightRead have finally found the perfect replacement for the many MusicPad Pro users who need to move on from their trusty MusicPad.

The SightPad 20 is fast, modern and highly portable and above all it allows you to read two full size pages side by side plus a playlist. Each page is the same size as the MusicPad but the screen is even brighter and clearer with a highly responsive touchscreen and cutting edge software.

In this photograph you can see the two screens side by side, the comparison chart below sets out some of the advantages of the new SightPad 20.

Comparison Image of MusicPad versus SightPad20
(To view Lyrics and Chord Sheet Comparison Please click here)

Comparison Table - MusicPad Pro v SightPad 20

MusicPad Pro SightPad 20
Screen Dimensions 245 x 185mm 435 x 240mm
Auto Rotation No Yes
Fully Charged Battery Life 2 to 3 Hours 4 to 6 Hours
Operating System Windows XP for Software Only Windows 10
Software MusicPad Manager Power Music Pro or Power Music AF
Desk Stand Attached Built in
Page View 1 in Portrait 2 in landscape
Internal Storage 64 Mb 128 Gb
Ports 1  USB Flat
1 USB Square
1 Foot Pedal
1 VGA out
1 Head Phone
1 USB 2.0
1 USB 3.0
HD In/Out
Audio Mic in/Out
SD Card Reader
Kensington Lock No Yes
Blue Tooth No Yes
WiFi No Yes
Webcam No Yes
Weight 2 Kilos 3.5 Kilos

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We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice